Snatching Credentials and Targeting Inboxes-How Hackers are Getting In


In a new report, Trend Micro revealed that Business Email Compromise is projected to grow at an astounding rate as attackers continue to use more sophisticated social engineering tactics to trick their targets. The Internet Crime Complaint Center characterizes the business email attacks in five...

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Equifax in Hot Water for Misleading Timeline of Data Breach


Equifax not only exposed your data to hackers--they also mislead victims regarding the date of the breach. Hackers absconded our data in March (I say "our"...because my personal data was exposed too),  five months before they claimed to have been hacked, according to Bloomberg. In response,...

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Most modern employees consider themselves hyper aware of email security. But sadly enough, even hyper-awareness isn't cutting it these days in an era of rampant cyber-attacks. Everyone need to be downright skeptical about emails--from clients, prospects, other employees and even your boss. Hackers...

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Defray Ransomware Using Custom Logo’s to Gain Access to Data


A new strain of ransomware called Defray has recently been reported. Defray, unlike most wide-ranging ransomware attacks, is specifically targeting healthcare, education, manufacturing, and technology using custom crafted logos and emails. Defray spreads through phishing emails that includes a...

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IRS Ransomware Scam


All of us mildly panic when the IRS comes a calling-unless they are offering a refund. No one (other than a CPA) likes a tax audit, even if our finances are squeaky clean. Unfortunately, hackers are now exploiting our fear of having the government comb through our accounts, or on the other hand,...

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Why Your Network Security Needs to Decrypt Traffic to Stop Hidden Threats


Most of your web sessions are likely now encrypted with Secure Sockets Layer/Transport Layer Security (SSL/TLS) encryption, or HTTPS. This is because there is a huge trend in the industry today that wants to move towards an all-encrypted Internet to achieve two key objectives: • Make it more...

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Hackers Using Ransomware

Hackers Using Ransomware to Target Medical Industry


Hackers Using Ransomware to Target Medical Industry The threat of Ransomware grows daily for today's business owners. Risking your company's data without secure protection is a losing bet. But many folks still want to cover their ears and pretend this isn't a real conversation in the SMB...

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Why Hackers are Targeting Business and Utilities


While ransomware seems to be a bigger threat to individual users, more information can be gathered and damage inflicted if hackers gain access to companies and utilities. Sometimes these hackers are individual actors; sometimes they are government-sponsored. In any case, there is no limit to the...

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Phishing Attacks

Phishing Attacks from Spoofed Domains


Earlier this week, Proofpoint raised the red flag on a critical 0-day threat they are calling "CVE-2017-0199," located in Microsoft Word that allows booby-trapped Dridex phishing attacks to be sent to millions of your employees claiming to be a PDF sent to them by their company...

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Spear Phishing

SEC Targeted Spear Phishing Campaign


A highly developed phishing attack is attempting to gain classified corporate data. Cyber criminals are dispatching spoofed emails alleging to be from the Security and Exchange Commission, and targeting lawyers, compliance managers, and the company officials who are in charge of filing documents...

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