The Dark Web, Wonder Woman, and Protecting Your Password


I am so over complicated passwords. How in the heck am I supposed to remember [email protected]#$%^ ? Seriously, it makes my brain hurt just looking at it. About ten years ago I came up with the name of my favorite Marvel hero and used it everywhere. Sure, I added some $%^&, but for the most part...

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Tricked by Phishing Emails?


It’s easy to get tricked by phishing emails. Not long ago I received a Linked In invite from my boss. I didn’t even think twice, I just clicked. Of course I thought plenty about that little click after the skull and crossbones popped up on my screen. How do you know if an email is a...

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Why It’s Important to Log Off the Server


By now you are all aware of the Petya/Not Petya ransomware attack that originated in the Ukraine and wreaked havoc all round the world. After wading through the damage, it has been discovered that this ransomware is not really a ransomware but a red herring for something far more sinister. The...

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