The Dark Web, Wonder Woman, and Protecting Your Password


I am so over complicated passwords. How in the heck am I supposed to remember [email protected]#$%^ ? Seriously, it makes my brain hurt just looking at it. About ten years ago I came up with the name of my favorite Marvel hero and used it everywhere. Sure, I added some $%^&, but for the most part...

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SamSam Virus Shuts Down 2000 Computers at Colorado Department of Transportation


SamSam Virus: Colorado Department of Transportation employees were booted off their computers and forced to use old school methods of communication(AKA pen and paper) on Wednesday after a destructive ransomware virus encrypted their files and requested bitcoin for their return. Security officials...

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The Rebirth of Spam


For a time, it seemed like spam was on the way out...until it resurfaced with a new look and attacked again with a vengeance. John Christian at The Outline wrote a post that summarizes the state of the spam assault. In the early 2000s Bill Gates actually predicted that spam would be eradicated in...

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