Dark Web

The Dark Web, Wonder Woman, and Protecting Your Password


I am so over complicated passwords. How in the heck am I supposed to remember [email protected]#$%^ ? Seriously, it makes my brain hurt just looking at it. About ten years ago I came up with the name of my favorite Marvel hero and used it everywhere. Sure, I added some $%^&, but for the most...

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datto Blue Partner

EnhancedTECH Achieves datto Blue Partner Status


It takes dedicated effort and teamwork to achieve datto's Blue Partner Status.  Only a few of datto’s partners worldwide have earned the company’s highest standing of Blue, but thanks to EnhancedTECH's business continuity expertise, we have reached datto’s elite partner...

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User Security Tips

User Security Tips for 2018


Simple user security strategies for 2018 With the increase in file sharing and user access to work files from home and on the road, staying on top of security has never been more important. Add to that the growth of networks and the sheer number of users accessing a shared database, and the odds...

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Microsoft Urges Companies to Send Simulated Phishing Emails to Employees for Security Training


Microsoft is now taking on the security awareness training market. After a wave of global security breaches initiated, Microsoft is recognizing that organizations need to send simulated phishing attacks to their employees with the announcement of a new feature called Attack Simulator. Part of...

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Snatching Credentials and Targeting Inboxes-How Hackers are Getting In


In a new report, Trend Micro revealed that Business Email Compromise is projected to grow at an astounding rate as attackers continue to use more sophisticated social engineering tactics to trick their targets. The Internet Crime Complaint Center characterizes the business email attacks in five...

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The Rebirth of Spam


For a time, it seemed like spam was on the way out...until it resurfaced with a new look and attacked again with a vengeance. John Christian at The Outline wrote a post that summarizes the state of the spam assault. In the early 2000s Bill Gates actually predicted that spam would be eradicated...

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Secure Data Solutions: Prepare Your Small Business for a Data Breach


It seems as if no business is safe from falling victim to a data breach anymore. Target, Apple, Equifax and a host of others have found themselves at the arms of hackers looking to steal, sell and compromise confidential information and data. And it isn’t just big companies either, in a recent...

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Hackers Targeting SMB’s


Are Hackers Targeting SMB's now?--a compelling article from SonicWALL sharing a recent story of a small business getting hit by Ransomware. It was a Tuesday afternoon. Liz, a local attorney with 26 years of experience, had given up. She was easily over 20 hours in to trying to free her...

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Email Scams

Email Scams Peaking in 2017


Hello Sir, Thanks for your response to our order inquiry, I am very sorry to reply you=this late. At first glance, it seems like a fairly run-of-the-mill email. The subject line said “New Order” and it goes on to explain that this import and export company has a customer interested in...

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New Ransomware Scam Using Your Own Printer to Dupe You


A new week—a new scam. This time the bad guys have devised a new ransomware phishing attack, tricking users to open what looks like a document scanned from an internal Konica Minolta C224e. Don’t have a Konica? That’s good, because most office do. This model is one of the most popular...

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