The Dark Web, Wonder Woman, and Protecting Your Password


I am so over complicated passwords. How in the heck am I supposed to remember [email protected]#$%^ ? Seriously, it makes my brain hurt just looking at it. About ten years ago I came up with the name of my favorite Marvel hero and used it everywhere. Sure, I added some $%^&, but for the most part...

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SamSam Virus Shuts Down 2000 Computers at Colorado Department of Transportation


SamSam Virus: Colorado Department of Transportation employees were booted off their computers and forced to use old school methods of communication(AKA pen and paper) on Wednesday after a destructive ransomware virus encrypted their files and requested bitcoin for their return. Security officials...

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The Rebirth of Spam


For a time, it seemed like spam was on the way out...until it resurfaced with a new look and attacked again with a vengeance. John Christian at The Outline wrote a post that summarizes the state of the spam assault. In the early 2000s Bill Gates actually predicted that spam would be eradicated in...

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Cyber attacks

Cyber Attacks Now More Costly than Natural Disasters


We all know earthquakes and hurricanes are a threat. But when did a cyber attack become as catastrophically damaging to our economy? Welcome to 2017 and the year US businesses will spend more money protecting themselves from virtual upheavals than physical threats. Lucinda Shen at Fortune writes:...

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