“There are two different types of companies in the world-those that have been breached and those that have been breached and don’t know it.” -security expert Ted Schlein

DarkHound SecOps

A good firewall and antivirus just won’t cut it these days. Prevention simply isn’t enough. A comprehensive cybersecurity plan needs to be a priority for every business no matter what the size.

Since 1987 EnhancedTECH has been securing and defending the networks of hundreds of organizations’ data and systems. Through our dedicated cybersecurity division-DarkHound SecOps, we will determine your business requirements and implement a data protection and system recovery solution that meets or exceeds those requirements.

When unexpected events occur, from an employee errantly clicking on a phishing email to ransomware encrypting your entire system, your organization needs to be able to recover all data and have total access to business systems without significant delay. EnhancedTECH| DarkHound SecOps will assess your vulnerabilities based on your unique business needs and design a cybersecurity framework to protect your most important assets.

Assess Vulnerabilities & Determine Compliance

DarkHound SecOps will evaluate your network and policies for weakness and assess whether your technical and privacy controls meet relevant compliance requirements.

Recommendations & Implementation

After assessment, we will discuss our findings with you and determine the proper course of action to shore up and mitigate potential future data breaches

Incident Response Plans

While doing all you can to minimize the consequences of a data loss, let our security expert’s help you build the right incident response plan and policies to deal with future data breaches or cyberattacks

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