data security

Strong Data Security is Never More Necessary


Maintaining a strong Managed IT Services and Security Services foundation is paramount for not only the security of your organization but also for the security of your customers. With the chaotic climate of 2020, most businesses are already under tremendous financial strain. Adding in a data...

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California Promotes New Covid-19 Tracing Program


If it sounds a little scary, that's because it is. On Friday, California launched its first coronavirus contact tracing program. California Governor Gavin Newsom will commence a public awareness campaign to get people to join in. The program is called California Connected, and works by...

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Why You Need Employee Internet Monitoring Software for Your Remote Workforce


The web provides many options, including increasing flexibility in the way companies and employees operate. However, the internet also presents a lot of extra exposure to risks that previously didn’t exist. When used incorrectly, there is an abundance of distractions available, which can reduce...

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Coronavirus App Tracker


A mobile app for the Coronavirus? Yep, it's real. China has developed a mobile app that is designed to inform people if they have come into contact with the coronavirus and could be at risk for contracting it. The “close contact detector,” launched Saturday evening, has users scan a QR...

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Avast in the Hot Seat for Selling Users Data


According to a joint investigation by PCMag and Motherboard, the widely used antivirus solution Avast has been profiting off of selling users data to large enterprises like Home Depot, Microsoft and Pepsi and Google. Avast gained the information from its antivirus software, transferred it to its...

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Better to Skip the “Before” Pics


Just when you think hackers couldn't get any lower, they surprise us once again. Worse than a sextortion scam? Yep! This time bad actors have compromised a plastic surgeon's server (Florida MD Richard Davis) and they are going after his patients--threatening to reveal the "before" pics,...

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Power grids could be next on hacker’s agendas


"The number of cyber-criminal operations targeting electricity and other utilities is on the rise, according to a new report on the state of industrial control systems.” Not only do we need to worry about our security cameras, smart TVs, and local municipalities being attacked, but now there...

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More Concern Over Deepfakes Technology as Apps get Creative with “Face-swap”


We’ve seen our photos transformed to show how we might look years into the future, the past, and edited to make ourselves more (and sometimes less) attractive. It’s possible to edit our faces in every type of media, and now ByteDance, the parent company of the highly popular app TikTok and...

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Is America looking at a potential cyberwar?


Given the current state of affairs in America, most citizens are probably glued to their device’s screens even more than they normally would be, come the beginning of a new decade. The beginning of this new era, however, brings with it the threat of political retaliation. The recent events...

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Disney Plus Hacked Within Hours of Launch


Excited about Disney Plus? You might want to hold your horses a bit--that is until they get the hackers out of the system. It only took a few hours after Disney launched their new streaming service for hackers to infiltrate user's accounts. The con's changed log-in credentials, locked out...

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