Can Hackers fool AI?


Hackers – the word alone can send fear down the spine of anyone who owns an internet enabled device. And for good reasons, too! Yet many people assume that hackers are only an issue for their business computers, desktops, laptops, and portable tablets. This isn’t entirely the truth. In fact,...

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Microsoft Exchange Server Vulnerabilities


As business owners, we are all keenly aware of how integral technology is in every industry these days. We have heard countless times how technology helps drive innovation and growth, improves communication in the organization, and increases your advantage over the competition. As a warning, new...

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SSL & Security Concerns for 2021


Anyone with a computer is well aware of security concerns on the Internet. As time goes on, security and internet safety becomes more and more of an issue. It’s clear that hackers are becoming more advanced and will continue to find ways to steal our...

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Online Shopping

5 Tips to Secure Online Shopping


As Christmas looms, online shopping heats up. Unfortunately, the more time you spend online, the higher the risk of of compromising your digital identity. Be it Black Friday or Cyber Monday, have you securely and safely protected your data privacy? The steps are pretty simple, but not...

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woman wearing mask in supermarket

Is AI to blame for your impulse snack buying?


Ever feel like the grocery store just read your mind? How do they know exactly what items you just scratched on an old receipt in your car before you headed in to shop? Obviously, our loyalty card tracks our purchases and any online shopping we do, but is it possible our shopping habits are...

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Your Password Stinks


I know it's hard to remember passwords. I get it. I'm totally guilty of using my kids and dogs name too. Unfortunately, hackers know all our tricks and a quick trip to your Facebook account will reveal your fur baby's name and your kid's birthday too. New research paints a rough password...

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Robinhood Ransomware


What do you call modern day hackers who infect big business with ransomware, extort money in return and then turn around and donate money to the poor? Sounds like a Robinhood ransomware tale! Unfortunately, no matter how this story plays out, stealing from the rich and giving to the poor is...

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data center

This is What Can Happen if Your Data Center Isn’t Secure


Ah, the infamous cloud. There are still so many who don’t realize that when our data is uploaded to this “cloud,” it still physically exists somewhere. Where is that somewhere you might ask? A Data Center. So naturally, protecting these data centers has become incredibly important, these...

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Prosecution for Paying Ransomware? A Possible Method to Ending Attacks


If at all possible, it’s generally advised that a ransomware demand not be paid. The reasons for this are clear, not only is it a risk that once paid the attackers might still release your data into the ethernet, but once the money is handed over, the ransomware gang now has funds for its...

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Ransomware Turns Deadly When Hospital is Hit by Cyber Attack


Ransomware has always been a costly evil--but now it's turned deadly. German authorities last week shared that a ransomware attack on the University Hospital of Düsseldorf (UKD) led to a disruption of IT systems, culminating in the death of a woman who had to be sent to another hospital...

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