Glassybaby Empowers Firstline Workers


When you’re running a small business, the less time you spend on details like scheduling, the more time you can spend on customers and your mission. EnhancedTECH is here to help connect you with the right solutions to save you valuable time. Glassybaby is a business born out of hope by a...

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Password Manager

5 Keys to Using a Password Manager


It's hard enough to remember your passwords much less remember where you wrote them down. A password manager sounds like a brilliant solution.  One simple place to keep all those crazy long gibberish words. Unfortunately, hackers have targeted password manager companies recently too. Is a...

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Microsoft, Mobility and the Lotus F1 Team


With speeds of over 200 mph and danger hiding behind every turn, the Lotus Formula 1 Team needs reliable IT infrastructure with extreme mobility. From the track to internal communication, without mobility, the team can't win. At EnhancedTECH, we know you need mobility in your business too....

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dangerous jobs

Cloud Services are Changing the Game for Dangerous Jobs


Using drones and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to do dangerous jobs and save money is the way of the future. At EnhancedTECH, we want to ensure that you can realize cost savings and protect your business—even if you don’t plan on using drones. eSmart Systems began developing Connected Drone...

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Cloud Computing

How Cloud Computing Can Transform Your business


Cloud computing services are right at the cutting edge of digital technology, allowing organizations large and small to streamline their operations and improve efficiency. These services, also known as 'the cloud', have been at the forefront of the digital revolution since their inception, with...

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Small Scale Manufacturers

New Tech Boosts Small Scale Manufacturers


What is the future for small-scale manufacturers? The rise of cheap foreign competition has seen many large manufacturers move their operations offshore – a trend that has opened the field for many small-scale manufacturing firms. For these companies, staying competitive depends much more on...

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cloud technology

Cloud Technology and Big Data Take on Severe Weather


Being able to communicate effectively is key to growing your business. At EnhancedTECH, we want to ensure that you can connect with customers and employees easily, and we know the right cloud technology and platform can make all the difference. Global weather company AccuWeather handles over 17...

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The Hype and Reality of AI


Everyone is talking about the implications of AI (Artificial Intelligence). How will it impact the workplace? What are the ethics of dehumanizing critical decisions  and the possible downside of cybercriminals using it against us. Is AI positive or negative, or does it fall somewhere in...

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Office 365

Office 365 Empowers Premier Water Removal’s Growth


Gaining and maintaining your customers’ trust is precious. In today’s fast-paced and hacker-filled world, we understand that business owners need the best cybersecurity and compliance features available, at reasonable costs. Trevor Cressey, who owns Premier Water Removal, knows that the...

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Helping Kids See for the First Time With Skype


Kids all over the world are seeing for the first time thanks to committed doctors and the revolutionary capabilities that Skype brings to the operating table. At EnhancedTECH, we know you need to harness that same type of collaborative power to bring your organization together. With Skype, you...

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