DefCon 2019

Insights from DefCon 2019


By: Ben Ryder, Security Engineer. This year, Paul Kumagai and I attended DefCon, the world’s biggest hacker convention, held annually in Las Vegas.  DefCon is a place where some of the brightest minds in the hacker community come together to discuss topics and issues in world of...

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“Unsubscribe” Phishing Scam


According to BleepingComputer, an old email phishing campaign that has been going on for a long time has surged once again, The phishbait in the subject line will look something like this: "Confirm your unsubscribe request," or: "Client #980920318 To_STOP_Receiving These Emails From Us Hit...

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New Regulations Against Spoofing Texts and Robocalls


Sick and tired of all those robocalls? Not to mention the spoofing texts just waiting for you to errantly click. Well, lawmakers have noticed. The FCC voted this week to approve rules that prohibit spoofing text messages and international robocalls. The new laws close long-standing...

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Ring Central

EnhancedTECH Partners with Ring Central


Unified Communications Platform Anaheim, CA, July 31, 2019– EnhancedTECH is pleased to announce its strategic partnership with Ring Central to provide a Unified Communications Solution. Jim Ott, CTO of EnhancedTECH had this to say, “We are delighted to expand our offerings with this...

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serverless computing

Has Serverless Computing Been Moved to the Back-burner?


Last year serverless computing was in full swing, a skyrocketing success with a 667% growth rate in Q4 according to the “State of the Cloud 2018” report. Not that it’s no longer a success, but that growth rate has severely dropped and we’re only a little more than half way through 2019....

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How does AI contribute to “Deepfakes” and what are they?


Ahh machine learning...what a beautiful thing to automate algorithms and statistical models so computers can perform tasks without input or specific instruction. Beautiful yes, but also potentially dangerous as the world is beginning to discover with the take-off and increasing popularity of...

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IT Disaster

Are You Flirting With IT Disaster?


Risk is for losers. Literally. If you're not actively de-risking your IT infrastructure, you're asking for a ransomware attack where you could lose some or all of your hard-earned data. While cloud platforms can give you the data recovery tools you need, adopting a cloud solution can get tricky....

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The Future of SaaS


It’s all too easy to forget how integral and pervasive software-as-a-service (SaaS) has become to modern business operations, given the efficiencies and flexibility benefits it provides users. But like any sector, SaaS is constantly evolving as it incorporates new technologies and adapts to...

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Steve Nickell

EnhancedTECH Welcomes Steve Nickell


Anaheim, CA (May 28, 2019) – EnhancedTECH EnhancedTECH is both excited and proud to welcome Steve Nickell to our team as Project Manager. Steve will be dedicated to the onboarding of new clients, handling project load as needed, and will be working with the Project Management Operations team...

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Artificial Intelligence

Is it Time to Move to Artificial Intelligence?


The artificial intelligence (AI) revolution has barely started, with many comparing its evolution to just the first page of the Gutenberg Bible or the arrival of the printing press. But with AI spending estimated to reach more than $52 billion by 2021, there’s no slowdown in sight. AI...

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