Glassybaby Empowers Firstline Workers


When you’re running a small business, the less time you spend on details like scheduling, the more time you can spend on customers and your mission. EnhancedTECH is here to help connect you with the right solutions to save you valuable time. Glassybaby is a business born out of hope by a...

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Data Breach

Are You Prepared for a Data Breach?


Some SMB's like to put their head in the sand when it comes to cybersecurity. Unfortunately, data breaches are a REAL threat that needs to be planned for. Did you know that SMBs have a higher susceptibility of being successfully breached, in comparison to larger corporations? While it seems...

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How to Make Onboarding New Employees Less Painful


Onboarding new employees can be a major pain in the neck, especially for businesses who are rapidly expanding. If the process is complicated or insufficient, employees take longer to reach full capacity. If they get frustrated, they might even quit. Kronos, a provider of workforce management and...

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Password Manager

5 Keys to Using a Password Manager


It's hard enough to remember your passwords much less remember where you wrote them down. A password manager sounds like a brilliant solution.  One simple place to keep all those crazy long gibberish words. Unfortunately, hackers have targeted password manager companies recently too. Is a...

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SIM swapping

SIM Swapping Fraud


This is a eye opening read by Robert Lemos of Symantec on one of the newest scams to watch out for--SIM fraud. Unlike other scams, if hackers can get your phone number ported over they can pretty much get access to all of your accounts. Please be on guard! Typically, the text message comes in...

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Sextortion is Newest Cyber Scam


Bribery and extortion have been around for ages, but sextortion, the newest cyber-con adds a devious twist. While "extortion" is the practice of obtaining something, especially money, through force or threats, "sextortion" takes it one step further. Sextortion occurs when someone threatens to...

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Microsoft, Mobility and the Lotus F1 Team


With speeds of over 200 mph and danger hiding behind every turn, the Lotus Formula 1 Team needs reliable IT infrastructure with extreme mobility. From the track to internal communication, without mobility, the team can't win. At EnhancedTECH, we know you need mobility in your business too....

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Smishing-the New Texting Scam


Most of us are getting better at recognizing a phishing email on our laptop but what about on our smartphone? Yes, it's true...cybercriminals have moved on to create even newer methods of evil and are now terrorizing your phone as well. There’s a special form of spam text that cybercriminals...

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Department of Homeland Security

Department of Homeland Security Creates New Cyber Risk Center


The Department of Homeland Security is stepping up their fight against cybercrime. Today the DHS announced the development of the National Risk Management Center, a dedicated entity designed to help private industry defend and respond to cyberattacks from around the world. Their primary focus...

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dangerous jobs

Cloud Services are Changing the Game for Dangerous Jobs


Using drones and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to do dangerous jobs and save money is the way of the future. At EnhancedTECH, we want to ensure that you can realize cost savings and protect your business—even if you don’t plan on using drones. eSmart Systems began developing Connected Drone...

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