Email Scam

New Terror Email Scam


There’s a new email scam sweeping across the nation using fear to motivate it’s victims into paying a ransom. The scam threatens to detonate a concealed bomb in the user’s place of business. This email is a hoax. Not surprisingly, it originated from Russia, the Russian Federation to...

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Don’t Open the Door for Hackers


The stereotype of a computer hacker – where all it takes a few minutes of frenzied typing to access and control their target’s digital life – is looking more and more out of date. As organizations of all stripes are getting serious about IT security, cybercrime is gaining a physical...

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Tips to Build a Business Platform


We’re moving into a new age of business – the platform age. The likes of Uber, Airbnb, Alibaba and Apple are prime examples of platform businesses – but it’s not just for the big guys. Becoming a platform business is about changing the way you think and embracing a new style of...

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City of Corona

City of Corona Using AI to Change Infrastructure


Do you want to make an impact on your organization? As an IT manager for the City of Corona, Kyle did. He saw an opportunity to pioneer IT technology and created a plan to help change the city's IT infrastructure. Using Microsoft 365 and Azure, Kyle connected thousands of the city's devices, so...

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Wearables that Improve Health


Healthcare wearables and smart devices have gone beyond simply counting steps and keeping track of your heart rate – there are now devices that can monitor medical conditions, aid treatment and even block pain signals from reaching the brain. The potential of smart technology in the healthcare...

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sensitive data

Protect Employees’ Sensitive Data from Attack or be Held Liable


Don't neglect your cybersecurity or you might pay for it-twice. According to KnowB4, a recent ruling from the Pennsylvania Supreme Court on an employee lawsuit against the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center stemming from a data breach should put all employers on notice. As part of hiring...

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Azure Cloud

Azure Cloud Helping First Responders Find Missing Children


Over 45,000 children go missing in Canada every year. Missing Children Society of Canada is using social media to get the word out about missing children. Everything was working well with their social media push notification system until their system went down. EnhancedTECH knows you can't...

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Malware Targeting Holiday Shoppers


Instead of fighting the crowds on Black Friday and getting trampled, you may be thinking it's safer to cozy up on the sofa with your laptop and get those smoking deals online. But visiting your favorite sites might not be as safe as you think. Currently, there are at least 14 malware families...

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Cybersecurity Not a Priority for Majority of Employees When Traveling


Look around any airport and you will find thousands of workers tapping away on their laptop--usually on free public WiFi. New research says that a whopping 77% of workers tap into free public WiFi when traveling and some 63% access their work emails and files. The statistics are startling to...

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Smart Manufacturing

Smart Manufacturing


The industrial internet of things promises to be pivotal to the next industrial revolution in manufacturing. How? By harnessing all the power that digital technology offers through artificial intelligence and advanced machine learning. Still very much in its infancy, IoT solutions are already...

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