We’re All About to Love Amazon’s New Policy Change

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We all love to love Amazon, but it seems we also all love to hate it at times. We can’t be the first organization or individual who has received their order and… wow, this was not what the description promoted, not even close! Well, there’s reasons for that madness experienced around the world, and it’s due to third-party sellers.

Amazon’s third-party sellers (on it’s U.S. platform) make up a staggering “almost half-million,” and “1.7 million more worldwide, account for roughly half of Amazon’s sales.” But here’s something exciting that will almost certainly cut down on the number of unhappy customers…

Inc. explains that “beginning in September, Amazon will require U.S. sellers to include their business name and address on their seller profile.”

Inc. also explains how strange it is that policy wasn’t in place already, it’s seemingly been attributed to Amazon’s “hands-off approach.” This means all sellers will have to verify their identity, which will make it “harder to get away with selling fake goods when everyone can easily see who you are and where you’re located.” Finally!

This will also result in prosecution for those companies breaking the rules and selling knock-off brands, not that Amazon will do the prosecution, but it will be easier for name brands to track down their imposters.

All in all, it’s about time customers know who they are buying their goods from.

We have all scrolled right past a small business that may be legitimate because the name is unfamiliar. Buying from a random seller, no matter the good reviews, doesn’t feel the same as buying from a name brand we know and love.

That stigma may chance come September, with more legitimate businesses selling online, people may overlook the fact that the third-party is unfamiliar because they are vetted and verified, address and all.

The only sellers who may find this at all unsettling, are those who are “up to no good,” and as Inc. puts it… “If that’s the case, well, I can’t help you.”

We’re looking forward to new blossoming customer relationships, less negative Amazon reviews, and loving the product we paid for, without the scams.

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-Emmy Seigler

Source: https://www.inc.com/jason-aten/amazon-is-making-a-simple-change-that-will-change-relationship-between-sellers-customers-forever.html

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