Want to make a Facebook Avatar? Here’s how…

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It seems like the whole world now has a Facebook Avatar. Everyone but you. So how do you make one?

I read a few articles on how to make an Avatar before it actually worked. Your best bet is to use the Facebook App on your phone.

1. Click in the comment or message box as if you were writing a comment to a friend. Make sure you are in a comment box responding to a friend’s post (not your own box as though you were posting). On the right hand side of the comment box there is a GIF icon and a Smiley Face button.

2. Click on the smiley face.

3. Then click on the “sticker tab”

4. From there you can “create your avatar.”

5. Follow the instructions and you will then pick your complexion, face shape, eyes, nose hairstyle and mouth. You can also add a little makeup, pick an outfit and add a saucy hat.

Avatars are a fun way to express your mood and range of emotions from a digital cartoon version that’s unique to you.

Have fun!

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