Touch-Free Public Screens Become a Reality

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Touch-Free Public Screens Become a Reality

Just about everything is touch screen these days, but wouldn’t it be nice to never have to touch a public screen again? I mean, how often do they really wipe them down? We’re still experiencing a global pandemic after all…

Soon you’ll have the option, “researchers at the University of Cambridge have created a touchscreen interface that users don’t actually have to physically tap, and it’s perfectly timed for a post-pandemic world where we’re all going to be too paranoid to touch anything outside our homes.”

Originally designed for use in vehicles to reduce distraction and accidents due to button pressing and screen swiping (or eyes not on the road in general), this new “predictive touch” technology does just that, predicts your next move. Jaguar Land Rover and the University of Cambridge researchers have gathered enough information to determine what a user will tap “before their finger actually makes contact with [the screen].”

How does it work? By utilizing small cameras or “RF-based sensors” as a “gesture tracker” the tech analyzes position and trajectory of hands and fingers as well as currently used applications and environmental conditions. Even eye-gaze trackers can be used “to improve the accuracy of a predicted touch based on where the driver is actually looking,” if of course, your car has those sensors. Unbelievably futuristic if you ask us, and we’re all for it.

So, is it accurate? Actually… yes.

Testing in controlled environments by driving simulators and real-world in-car trials resulted in a 50% reduction of users reaching to interact with the vehicles touchscreen interface. Not bad! That hopefully can be translated to a 50% reduction in accidents caused by this particular distraction.

There are applications this technology could be applied to outside of driving as well such as our smartphones, ATMs, airport check in terminals, and any screen someone has already touched that you… really don’t want to touch afterwards. We don’t blame you.

While this may not be adopted during our current crisis, it will hopefully be in place before we have to endure something of equal or greater germy proportions. Technology again saving the day one screen at a time.

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-Emmy Seigler

Source: https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/technology/this-touch-free-touchscreen-means-you-might-never-have-to-touch-a-public-screen-again/ar-BB1797qA

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