This is What Can Happen if Your Data Center Isn’t Secure

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Ah, the infamous cloud. There are still so many who don’t realize that when our data is uploaded to this “cloud,” it still physically exists somewhere. Where is that somewhere you might ask? A Data Center.

So naturally, protecting these data centers has become incredibly important, these are after all millions and millions of individuals’ clouds. Not only individuals, but now businesses operate using the cloud as well, to save space, cut costs, to innovate etc.

Although the importance of this data is paramount, there are disastrous “lack of security infrastructure” mistakes made in the past and present, resulting in extreme loss of data (and money) …

In April 2020 one of the largest providers of sever hosting and IT services in the US, Cognizant, suffered a ransomware attack rendering their servers inaccessible. This incident cost between 50 and 70 million dollars in downtime alone.

Countless organizations have fallen prey to ransomware or security breaches, the well-known Marriott data breach in 2018 concluded “unauthorized access” to a hotel database resulting in a fine over 99 million Euros. Marriot recently disclosed another data breach in April 2020.

An IBM study of over 500 data breach victims has shown that two-thirds (67%) of an organization’s data breach costs occurs within 12 months of the attack. The second-year costs 22% and the remaining 11% is spent on fines and legal fees throughout the following years.

Not only is financial strain a possible result of poor data center security, but severe reputational damages can occur, leading customers away among negative press.

Researchers have discovered that in retail, up to a third of customers will end business with a breached organization. The idea that providing financial credentials and personal information to a “cloud” or data base that is likely to be leaked all over the web is of course, unappealing. A company then begins the slow climb back to customers and shareholders good graces and most importantly, their trust.

A recent ICO survey found people are more likely to choose service providers “based on how their business critical data is protected, and some 73% of respondents mentioned they would hold companies responsible for data breaches involving their personal information.”

Where we place our data is important, and the security of that placement is even more so.

EnhancedTECH understands the importance of data security and data center management, if this is an area of expertise your organization needs help with, give us a call today (714) 970-9330.

-Emmy Seigler Source: https://www.capacitymedia.com/articles/3826478/consequences-of-an-inadequate-data-center-security?utm_medium=email&utm_term=&utm_source=Capacity+Media&utm_content=Daily_newsletter&utm_campaign=Email_editorial

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