The Real-World Benefits of Upgrading to Windows 10

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Windows 10

Still wondering if you should upgrade to Windows 10? I get it, I usually like to wait and see how these things pan out first. But this upgrade seems pretty legit.

Microsoft’s latest operating system is a solid product, with improvements under the hood that have made it more secure with an improved feature set.

Microsoft promised that this next release would be easier to manage, and that productivity of employees and IT departments would rise. That’s a big promise. To fact check…Market research company Forrester explored these claims and found that desktop management actually takes 15% less time with Windows 10. It also found a 33% reduction in security issues with Windows 10. With that in mind, a move to Windows 10 seems to make sense, whether as an upgrade to existing machines or as the OS installed on new hardware.

Little training required

Training is always an issue, because let’s be honest-change is hard. One of the better features is that Windows users will feel right at home with Windows 10. There’s some expansion of familiar features – like the Start button – but it doesn’t feel like starting all over again. That’s especially true if you use Windows on multiple devices. The transition from tablet to desktop to laptop is easy peasy.

Forrester also suggests that Windows 10 is easy to use, partly because it comes with more self-service help functions. As an added benefit, the product is easier for IT to manage – taking much less time to install and support. The combination of these qualities is estimated to result in 15% cost savings annually. That helps!

Windows 10 is more secure

As we all know, security threats are on the rise, regardless of which operating system you use. Windows 10 makes it harder for employees to pass data onto the wrong people – accidentally or maliciously, because we all know those people in the office who can’t wait to forward that hilarious email full of malware. It also incorporates an additional layer of protection that employs containers and data separation at the application and file level, so your data is protected as it moves around, from PC to tablet to USB drive to email to the cloud.

Another perk…Forrester found that new features such as Credential Guard and Device Guard, together with the improvement of existing features, meant that security events requiring IT remediation were reduced or avoided altogether.

Improve employee productivity

A 75% reduction in machine boot for Windows 10 up time was recognized by Forrester as a significant improvement to productivity. Skype is baked into the Windows 10 experience, allowing for instant messaging, video conferencing, and better collaboration. Other Windows 10 improvements allow for easy document sharing—so no more rifling through email archives to find that document.

Security and productivity are the main goals in almost all organizations today because we are being bombarded by cyber threats. Because of this, the improved features found in Windows 10 should be a crowd pleaser to employees, business owners and IT staff – and make an impact on your bottom line.

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