The Backup You Need When G-Suite Goes Down

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G-Suite Backup

What happens when your communication service provider experiences a disruption? A number of Google services including Gmail, Drive, Docs, Meet, Groups, Chat, Keep and Voice experienced service problems worldwide in the last month affecting millions of businesses.

According to the Verge, outages to service were ongoing and file uploads were failing across Google’s services, including attachments to both personal and G Suite Gmail accounts. Service monitoring firm Downdetector showed a spike of reports for issues with Gmail and Google Drive.

Google apologized for the outage and said “System reliability is a top priority at Google. We are making continuous improvements to make our systems better.”

But the reality of the outage raised concerns about cloud services backup.

Why You Need SaaS Backup

The idea behind SaaS backup or cloud services backup is often discussed when referring to accidental or malicious deletion and ransomware attacks. That’s because these are the most common data loss scenarios when using SaaS applications like Google G Suite.

But as we see here, outages are another big red flag. While a third-party SaaS backup solution can’t solve email send/receive issues, it does guarantee that users have access to their documents during an outage—so businesses remain productive.

EnhancedTECH can help you with a SaaS Protection solution that keeps G Suite data safe and accessible with 3x daily backups and flexible restores.

Schedule a time with us to discuss how easy and fast our on-boarding process is and how you can be better protected when Google services go wonky.

Call EnhancedTECH at 714-970-9330 to schedule a meeting.

Sources: The Verge

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