Taking Your Business Beyond the Pandemic

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No matter what industry you are in-manufacturing, retail, event services, your business has been impacted and turned upside down by the pandemic. New protocols and safety standards make simply doing business challenging. Now there is social distancing, lockdowns, and trying to stagger employees at the office. Businesses need collaboration tools and work from home strategies more than ever.

Taking care of employees and limiting their time at the office has become the new standard which means working from home truly takes on a new meaning. No longer can you simply take your laptop and snuggle in your bed for a random low key day-with this becoming the new normal every employee needs the right tools and space to work efficiently and be productive.

Businesses threw themselves into establishing this newly distributed workforce as quickly, painlessly, and securely as possible in the worst of circumstances.

And it’s not an easy task. Employees used to collaborating in person with team members, partners and customers have had to make a huge transition.

Executives anticipate having access to access financial data and other mission-critical data as needed, stat. Contact center agents work most efficiently when they have customer information at their fingertips and the corporate knowledge base integrated into their dashboards.

Working from home can throw a wrench in productivity, leading to a nosedive in profits, inadequate customer service, compliance breakdowns, security lapses, and lost business opportunities.

Many organizations have faced these obstacles with a variety of strategies. Some have moved towards integrating collaboration tools, while others have moved to new technologies delivered from the cloud.

EnhancedTECH offers WFH collaboration services, cybersecurity strategies and remote employee monitoring to keep your workforce running in accordance with business, policy, and security requirements.

In the near future, we anticipate most organizations will assess how well these emergency measures are panning out, as well as their legacy infrastructure and services, and re-evaluate their collaboration and business continuity strategies for the long term.

One thing that has become obvious is that the plethora of new collaboration tools are more than capable to enable productivity and to replace traditional infrastructure and services, and that remote employees will embrace them..

The unintended result of the pandemic is that we may emerge from this crisis more willing to embrace change, with a clearer vision of how we want to do so. The pandemic forced many businesses to upend the status quo and move abruptly into new technologies.

In this environment, EnhancedTECH is strategizing with many of our customers to move towards more efficient work from home technologies.

Just a few of the things we’re excited about:

Implementing efficient collaboration tools to allow employees, supply chain partners, and customers — to connect from anywhere and on any device

Optimizing the network for remote connectivity across a distributed workforce and a greatly revised office footprint.

Making sure everything is both scalable and secure as work from home employees face new cyber threats.

As discouraging as the new normal may be, it is also creating unprecedented opportunities for change. EnhancedTECH is here to assist you now and help you rebound even stronger into the future.

Contact us at 714-970-9330 or at [email protected]

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