Small Business Not Immune From Cyber Attacks

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Small Business

Every time a big corporation gets hacked, the data breach is all over the news. Maybe as a small business you feel a bit removed from the big cyber threats–why would hackers bother to go after the little fish in the pond? Although it might seem like it’s just the big fish that get hit from cyber criminals, the reality is actually the opposite. When it comes to cyber crime it’s actually the small businesses that face the highest risk.


  1. Small business attacks accounted for half of all cyber attacks last year.  Bill Conner, President and CEO of SonicWall, noted that “while small to medium-size businesses are increasingly becoming targets, they often lack in-house expertise to keep their infrastructure secure. Many are extremely shorthanded when it comes to having the resources on hand to address these new advanced threats.” This makes them an easier target. They have less protection and layers to fight through.
  2. Small businesses struggle to recover after a breach. Many small businesses fail after a significant cyber breach because they don’t have the resources to climb out of the mess.
  3.  Small businesses rarely offer cybersecurity training to their staff. Two-thirds of small and medium-size businesses do not provide employees with cybersecurity training. (poll by ESET). With these odds it’s no wonder small business employees don’t know how to protect their companies-no one has trained then to.
  4. Cost. Small businesses erroneously think the cost of implementing an information security system is prohibitive. But a business that makes cybersecurity a priority and understands they are already a target behaves differently. When employees understand they are the last line of defense, and are given a mission, they step up to the challenge to protect the business. Employees that haven’t been trained to question links, emails and domains, and to always think twice before they click have little incentive to change their behaviors.
  5. In the case of a ransomware infection, data may be permanently lost. Even if the ransom is paid, there is no guarantee the data will be recovered.Without proper protection, data can be lost forever.  Owners of small businesses should ask themselves what the worst case scenario is if all their data was lost? A CPA or a finance firm would go belly up. What is the true cost of not protecting the information?
  6. Small business can take down a big business. In the Target breach, it was a small business HVAC contractor they worked with that was initially compromised. If your business isn’t protected, you may lose your ability to woo bigger accounts until you are.

If you are a small business owner, make cybersecurity a priority. If you need assistance, give EnhancedTECH a call at 714-970-9330 or contact us at [email protected]

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