Is it Time to Reduce Your Cellular Spend?

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reduce your cellular spend

Is your business cellular bill out of control? Not sure how to reel in those international roaming fees?

If your sales and executive team have a heavy travel schedule, both domestic and internationally, your current cellphone plan might not be cutting it. But what if your executives could switch to VoIP simply by using their current smartphone but with a routing modification?

The ShoreTel Mobility Solution allows your sales team and executives to realize both productivity and cost savings by seamlessly shifting their long distance and international direct dial calls to international VoIP calls.

ShoreTel Mobility extends the full power of a desk phone and unified communications (UC) capabilities to a mobile phone and sets the user free to communicate from any location (office, home, hotspots) by enabling access to any network (cellular or Wi-Fi), simply and cost effectively.

ShoreTel Mobility is designed to reduce mobile costs with the ability to automatically select the most cost-effective method of routing calls.

Domestic dialing

The ShoreTel Mobility Router allows the seamless offload of minutes from the cellular network to the WLAN network. The reduction in minutes enables customers to downgrade their cellular plans.

Additionally, savings can be achieved through enhancements in productivity. Features such as one-number ringing that allow callers to reach employees the first time, enterprise-grade presence systems on mobiles that enable employees to choose the most effective means of communication, and Active Directory integration that provides access to a full enterprise address book, provide significant productivity benefits.

International direct dial

When making an international call from a domestic location with WLAN access, the ShoreTel Mobility Router can seamlessly intercept a call made on a smartphone and route it through VoIP instead of through the cellular network. Additionally, ShoreTel Mobility provides the added benefit of handover which is the ability to seamlessly transfer an  in-process call from cellular to Wi-Fi once a network is detected.

When away from a Wi-Fi hotspot, the phone engages the router to make a call using VoIP to connect overseas. This still uses domestic cellular minutes, but avoids extravagant long-distance fees. The router seamlessly fuses the domestic cellular call to the VoIP international call.

The difference between a ShoreTel Mobility VoIP-enabled call and a regular network call to an international destination can be enormous. A direct call to Japan is on average $3.50 a minute. With ShoreTel  the same call is $0.12 a minute.

International roaming

The ShoreTel Mobility Router allows smartphone users to seamlessly connect to any available Wi-Fi      network and securely place VoIP calls. This means that the international travelers can place inexpensive VoIP calls from a hotel room, international enterprise location, or another available hotspot.

If Wi-Fi is unavailable, ShoreTel Mobility uses reverse dialing and SIM swap to further negate international roaming charges. SIM swap utilizes a local SIM card to reduce costs. The ShoreTel Mobility Router automatically forwards calls to the new SIM in the same manner it would forward calls to the original SIM card. Reverse dial allows smartphone users to take advantage of international asymmetrical pricing plans. In many countries, it is significantly less expensive to receive a call than to make one. In this case, the smartphone client makes a dummy call to the router. The router then calls the intended recipient and simultaneously calls the user back.

Once again, the difference between a ShoreTel Mobility VoIP-enabled call and an international roaming call is staggering. An international roaming call to Japan is on average $2.29 a minute. With ShoreTel  the same call is $0.10 a minute.

ShoreTel Mobility simply makes sense

Are you interested in saving money with ShoreTel? Give EnhancedTECH a call for a complimentary telephony consultation at 714-970-9330 or go to our website for more info.

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