Ransomware Targeting Users Through Fake Netflix App

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Fake Netflix app

A fake Netflix App?  NOOOOO….

Kaspersky put up the red flag on their blog this last week: “People are downloading a new app, looking to get free access to Netflix accounts. But what they’re actually getting is a malware strain called Netix that encrypts users’ data and demands $100 in bitcoins to unlock their files.”

Netflix boasts a 93 million-strong subscriber base in almost 200 countries, so it’s no surprise cybercriminals are targeting this giant.

The guise, called “Netflix Login Generator” is downloaded by users looking to gain access to Netflix without paying.

The app suggests it has leaked Netflix accounts, which can be accessed to use  the streaming service for free. Unfortunately, the fake account credentials don’t work.

Once installed, the app shows you what looks like a login-password pair generator, but that’s just a bait and switch; it’s actually busy encrypting your data. Once it’s finished with that, up pops a ransom note.

So user beware! If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is.

Do not let social engineering criminals manipulate you into downloading and executing applications. Netflix is actually very affordable and pirating something you didn’t buy is not worth a ransom fee and the loss of your private data.


Image Source: https://www.pexels.com/photo/app-entertainment-ipad-mockup-265685/

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