Steps You Can Take To Protect Your Network

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The last few weeks have initiated a dizzying array of malware and ransomware attacks on global networks. First “Wanna Cry,” then “Petya” followed closely by “Not Petya.” These attacks are different then typical hacks of the past because these infections rely heavily on social engineering–meaning often your employees, not your computers and firewalls become your weakest links.

Hackers rely on email phishing campaigns until they get a bite and then move in to exploit a system. Hackers are looking for any entrance into a secured system and often an employee’s own email is used against them.

One of the first and best defenses in this new world of ransomware is training your employees to be proactive vs reactive.

Cybersecurity Training

Your employees need to get suspicious. In fact mild paranoia of anything that looks out of place is a good place to start. Unfortunately, in this day and age, everything needs to be questioned that comes in your inbox. Don’t click on anything without thinking about it. Always question attachments, double check links before clicking and delete emails from senders you don’t know. Pick up the phone and call to verify a new client or unauthorized sender. Delete anything suspicious. Don’t open Social Media links on your email–go directly to the site and log in to accept new friends or messages.


Make sure your systems are updated and patched with all the new releases. Microsoft Patch MS 17-010 effectively stopped the Petya variant but if your network still has vulnerabilities expect them to be exploited.

Is Your Data Backed Up?

Make sure to do regular backups and maintain an offline backup that can be easily restored and is not subject to exposure and encryption.

Limit Authorization

Make sure no one person in the company has authorization to the entire network. By distributing duties between users and administrative accounts, no one person can take over a network. Also, separate your critical data and isolate it from the network.

For more steps, ask your IT provider to consider blocking specific SMB ports and disabling some of the admin tools that ransomware often exploits and uses to spread malware through an office environment.

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