Is it Time to get rid of Passwords?

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Today I broke down. I finally got myself a good password manager and put it into place. I know, I know, I know…I’ve been an awful hypocrite, telling you all to get a password manager and putting off doing it myself.

But in my defense, passwords just stink. They are hard to remember, not difficult to hack and a general pain in the butt, especially when you have to change them every three months.

Unfortunately, passwords guard our lives. “There’s a whole bunch of valuable information about you in the cloud,” said Alex Simons, Microsoft’s corporate vice president of program management. “Hackers are looking for things they can monetize. All of [your] accounts represent value, and the minute there’s value, then all of a sudden there’s an economy and there are hackers that want to go after that economy.”

The good news is passwords may soon be replaced with biometrics and password-less authentication. High grade encryption based on facial recognition, iris scanners and fingerprint readers might someday replace passwords.

Watch this video by CNET to learn more of the research going on regarding the beautiful eradication of passwords as we know them. And if you need help with your business IT needs contact EnhancedTECH at [email protected]

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