In the News: Business Spotlight–EnhancedTECH

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As a part of its ongoing series of videos shining a spotlight on small businesses, CleverKey Consulting Group interviews our own Paul Wartenberg of EnhancedTech. Join Albert and Paul as they discuss what we do as a managed service provider and how we support our customers' IT needs, especially...

woman wearing mask in supermarket

Is AI to blame for your impulse snack buying?

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Ever feel like the grocery store just read your mind? How do they know exactly what items you just scratched on an old receipt in your car before you headed in to shop? Obviously, our loyalty card tracks our purchases and any online shopping we do, but is it possible our shopping habits are...


Your Password Stinks

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I know it's hard to remember passwords. I get it. I'm totally guilty of using my kids and dogs name too. Unfortunately, hackers know all our tricks and a quick trip to your Facebook account will reveal your fur baby's name and your kid's birthday too. New research paints a rough password...

Clever Key

Cleverkey Consulting shines spotlight on small business during the pandemic

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Albert Lee, owner of Cleverkey Consulting, didn’t let the pandemic dampen his spirits- instead he used the down-time from COVID as a launching pad to invest in small businesses and support them during this difficult season. In light of that, Lee produced a series of business spotlight videos...

ADA Compliance

Understanding ADA Compliance and What it Means for Your Website

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Having a website is a critical element when it comes to running a successful business. Not only does it provide your customers with a place to reach you directly, but it also helps you reach a wider audience of potential customers. However, one aspect that often gets overlooked when designing a...


Robinhood Ransomware

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What do you call modern day hackers who infect big business with ransomware, extort money in return and then turn around and donate money to the poor? Sounds like a Robinhood ransomware tale! Unfortunately, no matter how this story plays out, stealing from the rich and giving to the poor is...


Wipe Your Phone, Researchers Find COVID Can Survive Up to 28 Days on Our Devices

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We’re still in the midst of a world-wide pandemic, now raging for upwards of 8 months. We’ve been through the ‘wash your hands,’ and ‘wear a mask,’ and all other forms of extreme cleaning and temperature taking to keep our loved ones and employees safe. But when was the last time...

data center

This is What Can Happen if Your Data Center Isn’t Secure

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Ah, the infamous cloud. There are still so many who don’t realize that when our data is uploaded to this “cloud,” it still physically exists somewhere. Where is that somewhere you might ask? A Data Center. So naturally, protecting these data centers has become incredibly important, these...


Prosecution for Paying Ransomware? A Possible Method to Ending Attacks

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If at all possible, it’s generally advised that a ransomware demand not be paid. The reasons for this are clear, not only is it a risk that once paid the attackers might still release your data into the ethernet, but once the money is handed over, the ransomware gang now has funds for its...

Iranian Hackers

Iranian Hackers Impersonated US Citizens to Spearphish Aerospace and Satellite Technology Sectors

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Phishing is after all, the most successful type of cyber-attack. Used by run-of-the-mill hackers and state-backed malware gangs alike, it has devastated organizations out of millions. On Thursday U.S. officials sanctioned one of Tehran’s state-backed hacker teams and charged three Iranians...