IRS Scams

IRS Scams to Watch Out For

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A friend of mine received an email from what she thought was her tax preparer claiming she owed $3000 in back taxes. When she called the number on the email of the  tax specialist to dispute the claim, she was told if she didn't get the money to them ASAP they would send out the police to...

Cyber crime

Cyber Crime Results in Free Train Rides

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According to SonicWALL, the latest cyber crime and ransomware attack is reminiscent of a Robin Hood take down. Over the holiday weekend, the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency became the latest victim of a ransomware attack. The hackers locked up the Muni's public transportation ticket...

IT Security

IT Security Never More at Risk

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According to insurance underwriter Beazley: "Ransomware attacks will be four times higher in 2016" The Wall Street Journal agreed. They said: "For companies concerned about the soaring number of ransomware attacks–in which hackers take control of data or systems and demand payment to release...

Carolina Panthers

Carolina Panthers Adopt ShoreTel to Modernize their Communication System

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If you are considering a new phone system--then let your favorite sport's team steer you in the right direction. The Carolina Panthers and the Portland Trail Blazers have picked ShoreTel to upgrade and modernize their communication systems. The Panthers decided to replace their...


Shared Storage an Easy Target for Malware

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Is your shared storage an easy target for malware attacks? Most corporate employees find that shared storage on collaborative work efforts makes work a little easier. Unfortunately, shared cloud storage is also an easy target for malware infection. New research indicates that up 1 in 10 corporate...

IRS Email Scam

Fake IRS Email Scam

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E mail scammers are continuing to find new ways to torment us--this time it's a fake IRS hoax. Seasoned internet criminals are sending bogus emails with attachments, text messages and even snail mail claiming to be from the IRS and using a phony Form CP 2000. This form is normally mailed by the...