Oh look! Another place you should never charge your phone!

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We’re all aware of the dangers lurking behind stranger’s phone cords and charging ports (and if you’re not we’ll explain), but we still seem to be so intent on the charge, that we risk it anyway. Why?

Aside from the obvious, that we need our phones to survive and even a minute without them means imminent death, we must not be THAT worried about the consequences.

But, we should be.

Even if you haven’t personally experienced being hacked through a public USB port (remember, you may just not have realized it), there’s a growing number of people who are sharing their stories. And we’ve found yet another place you should NEVER charge your phone.

A rental car.

Why? Because “the USB cable and outlet are designed not only to charge the connected device, but they are also designed for two-way data transfer,” says John Burkhauser who is an auto repair specialist and director of educational programs at Bolt On Technology.

John explains that the plugged-in device and vehicle systems talk to each other (and it’s not always friendly).

Basically, when your phone is plugged in the vehicle can access your private information and store it in its memory, “your music list, text numbers, the addresses you looked for using GPS, and more. When you disconnect, you leave all this information behind. This can be accessed by anyone who uses the vehicle after you.”

Signing into a banking application or email account? Oops, you’re handing over your personal info to potential hackers. Not to say this will happen to you every time, or even maybe once, but we’d rather be safe than sorry.

Aside from deleting the stored information when you’re done using the car (which is not always easy unless you’re familiar with how to do it), you can always a USB data blocker. They’re easily found online for less than $10.

To recap, you don’t want to charge your phone in these places (without proper caution, and your own charging equipment of course):

– Rental Cars

– Airports

– Train Stations

– Hotels

– Tourist Attractions 

– Shopping Malls

– Coffee Shops

– Libraries

Or really any public charging station that could risk uploading malware, or offloading your personal info. Just remember to think before you mindlessly plug in for a charge!

And if you need help with Managed IT Services give EnhancedTECH a call at 714-970-9330.

– Emmy Seigler




Image Source: https://www.pexels.com/photo/red-iphone-8-2378138/

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