New Regulations Against Spoofing Texts and Robocalls

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Sick and tired of all those robocalls? Not to mention the spoofing texts just waiting for you to errantly click.

Well, lawmakers have noticed. The FCC voted this week to approve rules that prohibit spoofing text messages and international robocalls.

The new laws close long-standing loopholes in the Truth in Caller ID Act, which banned spoofing domestic calls but made it hard for the FCC to thwart malicious text messages and calls coming from overseas. The FCC now has the legal authority to punish the “criminals” behind these scams.

Chairman Ajit Pai pushed through the rule changes earlier this month. In a video announcing their approval, Pai said the FCC has received tens of thousands of complaints about spoofing in just the first six months of this year alone.

Fortunately, the FCC isn’t the only one championing this cause. Last week, the House passed a bipartisan bill requiring carriers to authenticate every call and to offer opt-out blocking for free. The Federal Trade Commission has stepped up its enforcement, bringing lawsuits against organizations responsible for more than a billion robocalls. The new FCC rules won’t stop spoofed texts and international robocalls altogether, but it could slow them down with aggressive penalties.

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Samantha Keller

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Samantha Keller
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