New Microsoft Teams Features!

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Video conference we must, this is the way.

Please forgive our punny Star Wars references, but in all honesty, it just seems that if you’re not using some sort of work from home collaboration software, you’re not doing it right! You’re all thinking it, we’re just saying it.

For those of you who operate on Microsoft Teams, life just got a little sweeter. Microsoft announced some new features we thought you’d like to hear about, and we’re excited to use.

Chat meetings and calls will pop out into their own windows, leaving the main Teams screen available for use while chatting or speaking with coworkers/employees. This also allows meeting notes to now be taken on the notes tab in the main Teams window.

One of the hottest new features that was announced earlier in July, but will finally be available in coming weeks, is the “much anticipated ability to see 49 people on screen at once,” called Large Gallery. We say finally, because as a company we’ve actually been waiting since early on the pandemic for this feature to become a reality, we couldn’t be happier (Teams will now be “up to par” with Zoom).

Together Mode, included in the Large Gallery will make all participants look like they’re in the same space, rather than a grid view of up to 49 people. According to Microsoft, this will help “alleviate virtual-meeting fatigue and make meetings feel more real.”

Another mode will be Focus Mode, to “let users focus on the content without the distraction of video feeds.”

More features are coming soon like message extension, and the InVision Freehand digital whiteboard for all of you who are missing your physical whiteboard collaboration meetings. Now you can have the same experience, sans the messy whiteboard (or accidentally writing in Sharpie).

These modes will be solely “available for the Teams desktop client on Windows and Mac, but it’s not available for Teams on the web.” If that bums you out, because you’re a web-based Microsoft Teams user, or you haven’t yet experienced the awesomeness of this application, we have a solution for you.

Contact EnhancedTECH today for a demonstration, and when you love the collaboration tools available using Teams, we can ensure it is implemented properly and deploy training and support (714) 970-9330.

-Emmy Seigler

Source: https://www.zdnet.com/article/these-new-microsoft-teams-features-are-coming-in-the-next-few days/?ftag=TRE7ce1dc9&bhid=28837826891618282212917048574090&mid=12954723&cid=2176732464

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