Microsoft’s Fight Against Deepfake Images Takes a New Approach

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We’ve all seen just how remarkably real some of these fake videos look. I even have a friend on Instagram who is constantly posting different movie scenes, but it’s my friend’s face on Brad Pitt’s body, an odd visual, but strikingly real.

As our world continues to evolve into one that takes news without proof, reshares on social media within seconds, and propagates narratives that may or may not be fact, deepfake images and videos pose a serious threat.

Microsoft is always looking for new ways to counter that threat.

“In an effort to combat the prevalence of deepfakes, Microsoft has launched a new video authenticator tool, which can analyze a still photo or video to provide a percentage of the chance that a piece of media is artificially manipulated.”

In the case of a video, like those movie scenes discussed earlier, Microsoft “could provide this percentage in real time for each frame as the video plays. It works by detecting the blending boundary of the deepfake and subtle fading or greyscale elements that might not be detectable by the human eye.”

Photos, videos, and audio are all able to be manipulated by AI, and manipulated so well, they’re shared by unsuspecting victims as truth.

Microsoft’s new video authentication tool was created using a public dataset from ‘Face Forensic++’ and tested on the ‘DeepFake Detection Challenge Dataset’, which is considered the “leading model for training and testing deepfake detection technologies.”  

In addition to the authentication tool, Microsoft has created technology said to detect manipulated content and assure people the media is authentic.

This new tool is built into Microsoft Azure, where a content producer can now add digital hashes and certifications to their creations. “The hashes and certificates then live with the content as metadata wherever it travels online,” Microsoft explained.

The second component of this new tech is a reader, which can be included in a browser extension to check the certificates and match hashes to confirm authenticity.

Partnered with the AI Foundation, Microsoft’s goal is to make the authenticator available to organizations involved in our countries democratic processes, “including news outlets and political campaigns through the foundation’s Reality Defender 2020 initiative.”

Deepfake technologies are only anticipated to grow and become increasingly harder to identify, and Face Forensic++ explains, “all AI detection methods have rates of failure, we have to understand and be ready to respond to deepfakes that slip through detection methods.”

Testing will begin on Microsoft’s authenticity technology through publishers, social media companies, and the Trusted News Initiative to improve media literacy.

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-Emmy Seigler

Source: https://www.zdnet.com/article/microsoft-strengthens-deepfake-fight-with-new-authentication-tools/?ftag=TRE7ce1dc9&bhid=28837826891618282212917048574090&mid=13022637&cid=2176732464

Image Source: Microsoft

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