Microsoft Urges Companies to Send Simulated Phishing Emails to Employees for Security Training

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Microsoft is now taking on the security awareness training market.

After a wave of global security breaches initiated, Microsoft is recognizing that organizations need to send simulated phishing attacks to their employees with the announcement of a new feature called Attack Simulator. Part of its online Office 365 offering, Attack Simulator allows an email admin to send phishing attacks to determine how employees respond.

Perry Carpenter, Chief Evangelist & Strategy Officer for KnowB4 commented: “By adding Attack Simulator, Microsoft has acknowledged that simulated phishing and the need to know your users’ susceptibility to social engineering is non-negotiable and a must-have in today’s enterprise and SMB environments.”

Scott Bekker, Redmond Magazine’s Executive Editor remarked, “The simulator is one of a handful of key, near-term security enhancements in the Office 365 roadmap. The attack simulator has the potential to be a very useful proactive defense tool for IT administrators. According to the roadmap, the attack simulator “enables admins to send simulated attacks (10-15 different attack categories including phish, brute force password cracking, etc.) to their end users to determine how they respond to attacks and determine if the right policies are in place to help mitigate real attacks.”

According to a report from Gartner in September 2017, three key elements form a successful security educations program: communication and education on security tactics, knowledge of your users and pervasive communication. An attack simulator is a good place to start. Coupled with a personalized training program with regular updated and fresh content, users can strengthen and organization’s last line of defense.

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