Shared Storage an Easy Target for Malware

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Is your shared storage an easy target for malware attacks?

Most corporate employees find that shared storage on collaborative work efforts makes work a little easier. Unfortunately, shared cloud storage is also an easy target for malware infection. New research indicates that up 1 in 10 corporate shared folders carries a malware infestation.

As companies move from on-site and secured central servers to a hybrid BYOD environment—security and risk are growing fast. The cloud security company–Netskope discovered rates of malware infection have doubled since they conducted the same study only last quarter. It’s a gigantic red flag for corporate America, suggesting that as companies continue to expand their sharing and cloud usage, best practice security efforts for shared storage are falling short.

*Just to clarify, Netskope’s research comes from millions of users over the three full months of the second quarter.

Netskope uncovered a variety of malware in the study, from, spyware, adware, JavaScript exploits and nefarious macros found buried in documents. It also found smartphones targeting malware, according to Ars. The research suggests that users are risking infection on multiple hardware platforms when accessing the cloud services.

Fortunately, the study also found that only about a quarter of the files and folders hiding malware had actually been shared between different people and companies, so the infections, although growing, are containable.

It’s a strong reminder of how important cloud security is and the critical factor of best practices among corporate users when sharing sensitive data.

Tips to keep your corporate cloud clean:

  1. Keep anti-virus and anti-malware software up to date
  2. Make sure employees know how to spot phishing links and dodgy website
  3. Encourage employees to remember best practices at home as smartphones can easily spread malware around.

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–Samantha Keller

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