Liquid Immersion Cooling and How it Can Benefit Your Data Center

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If you’ve ever had the pleasure of strolling down the aisles of a data center, you’ve probably stopped and thought, this place is really loud! And it is.

Depending on the size of the data center, the noise, temperature, and air circulation are environmental issues data center workers face daily. As technology becomes increasingly smaller, equipment is packed into increasingly denser spaces, resulting in even more noise, and even more heat. The hum of the electronics is matched only with the hum of the fans on 24/7 to keep the IT equipment cool and running efficiently, where the noise can sometimes reach an excess of 80 decibels (any noise above 80 dB can be harmful to our ears).

But these loud, conventional air conditioning systems used to cool equipment and keep data center ecosystems in check, are slowly becoming a thing of the past.

As demanding server loads and tightly packed server racks give off more heat than AC can handle alone, a new solution is starting to gain in popularity.

A liquid solution! Literally.

How can you use liquid to cool down electronic equipment? Well, it’s not dipping your new computer in a bucket of water or taking a spray bottle to your server rack. That’s not a method we’d promote. Instead, there is a technology that “simplifies data center cooling and materially reduces the capital and operating costs for data centers.”

Liquid immersion cooling.

This method submerges the servers into a non-conductive liquid coolant that removes heat from the components. Green Revolution Cooling (GRC), a company that has patented this cooling technology says, “Immersing servers in liquid has shown to improve rack density, cooling capacity, data center design, and location options.”

Compared to air-based technology, the liquid immersion cooling design is simple, and highly flexible, making it an easy option to build and run a “super-efficient operation” using the most efficient cooling system available.

GRC’s patented “Electrosafe” technology “has far greater heat retention than air—1,200x more to be exact. Which means it would take 1,200 times the amount of heat to raise the temperature of the liquid. Giving users 10-20% server load reduction, and a total peak and average power reduction of 50%. Potentially cutting data centers costs by up to 50%.” 

Our world is data driven, and fast moving to eliminate any company, business, or organization that doesn’t share that same value. Data protection is of the utmost importance, not just cybersecurity, but physical data protection as well.

Although most data centers are still using traditional air-based cooling technology, “groundbreaking” systems like liquid immersion cooling are “the present and the future.”

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