Japan Says 3 Years Until We See Flying Cars in Tokyo

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flying car

We’ve been waiting for this moment. The day when we can truly eliminate traffic not because people have finally learned how to drive, but because there is a skyway and a highway. That’s right… Flying cars.

Flying Cars

The Japanese government has announced this dream will be a reality in approximately three years.

The Industry making this a reality? “The vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) industry, with a particular focus on renewable, electric power systems, is of interest to many vendors in the transport space.”

Japan’s SkyDrive has designed and created an eVTOL two-person vehicle, currently in its testing stage SkyDrive is the only company with the lofty goal to get our tires off the ground. “Uber, Boeing, Airbus, AeroMobil, and other vendors are all exploring the VTOL space — hoping to create a commercially-viable and safe craft first to jump ahead of competitors.”

SkyDrive was founded in 2018, and has worked to combine aircraft, drone, and automobile engineers capable of designing a fully functioning (and easy to park) eVTOL vehicle. They are also in dealings with Toyota City to use their development base and indoor testing facilities.

Big Investment

1.8 billion yen has been invested in SkyDrive so far. It seems they’ve really taken off!

The company explains what we mentioned briefly before, “in developed countries, flying cars are expected to be used as a means of transportation to ease traffic jams and respond in times of disaster, while in developing countries they are likely to be used as a form of transportation that requires far less infrastructure.”

With two propellers in four corners and two seats, the vehicle is powered by an electric battery and is projected to reach speeds of up to 60 km/ph or 37.3 mph. While that’s not typical freeway speeds, it won’t need to be with 0 traffic.

A formal launch can be expected by 2023 when Japan hopes to have safe and viable vehicles in the air to reduce the burden of traffic and provide quick transportation between the dense cities. Commercially public availability is expected by 2028.

The final concept vehicle looks like this: (image provided by ZDNet)

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-Emmy Seigler

Source: https://www.zdnet.com/article/japan-aims-to-send-flying-cars-into-tokyos-skies-in-only-three-years/?ftag=TRE-03-10aaa6b&bhid=28837826891618282212917048574090&mid=12984133&cid=2176732464

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