Weathering the Aftermath of Hurricane Irma

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hurricane irma

Every business wants to be there for their customers. But what happens in the aftermath of a natural disaster?

Kelly Roofing in Florida normally fields about 150 calls for estimates per week, but the week after Hurricane Irma, it fielded 26,000.

Let me say that again…they fielded 26,000 calls!

Because they had a week to prepare for the massive storm, they were able to plan and use Microsoft tools to their advantage. They decided to use Skype for Business to manage this influx of requests and ramp up their onboarding of new employees to meet the needs of their community. This wasn’t just about business growth—their community was depending on them.

Watch this video and contact EnhancedTECH at 714-970-9330 or at [email protected] to find out how Microsoft Office 365 can help you bring teams together and best serve your customers.

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