How To Turn Your Phone Into a Webcam

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Stuck working from home and in the market for a webcam? You’re not alone.

Let us also guess, you’ve been scouring the web for weeks and still haven’t had any luck on purchasing these rare, now evasive devices so you can participate in a sea of endless virtual meetings?  You’re still not alone.

The more time we spend confined to our personal spaces, the more time it seems the world is spending “together” virtually. You can too, even if you don’t have a webcam.

Using the camera on your smartphone, you can make your own virtual office-space or happy hour hangout, just follow the steps below:

Position/stabilize your phone –

We’ve all opened up our phone cameras to an unflattering angle before, and you’re not asking your coworkers to check for bats in the cave, so be sure to set up your device in a stable, face-framing position. A tripod, stand, or tabletop mount will also ensure your arm is not cramping after 10 minutes.

Tip: Your phone’s main camera will likely produce a higher-quality image than the selfie camera. Be sure to set up in a well-lit area, using natural light or artificial light is entirely up to you (just make sure there’s plenty of it).

Make sure your audience can hear you –

Once your smartphone is positioned as your new webcam, it’s time to set up your microphone. Headphones with a built-in mic will work, but if you’re using your new area to record something professionally it would be smart to invest in a USB microphone.

Choose and launch the video app of your choice –

It’s time! You’re fully prepared and ready to hit ‘record’ or ‘join meeting’.

Maybe you prefer Skype, FaceTime, Zoom, or your organization has an existing meeting platform set up, like Microsoft teams. Launch the application you’ll be using for the duration of your call (there are a plethora of free and paid apps, we’re sure you’ll find the right one for you).

Keep in mind, running these applications will drain your phone’s battery relatively quickly, so keep a charger or external battery pack nearby during your meeting.

And voilà, you are ready to rock-and-roll.

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-Emmy Seigler

Source: https://www.cnet.com/how-to/no-webcam-use-your-phone-camera-for-video-chats-instead/

Image Source: https://www.pexels.com/photo/smiling-holding-smartphone-3576258/

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