How to Bolster Teamwork During WFH

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Trying to keep your team motivated and high-performing as they work remotely? Building and sustaining morale in a rather depressing pandemic climate is no easy feat!

Keeping expectations grounded in reality is a good start. There will be challenges but a focus on team building and morale can go a long way to bolstering a strong team connection.

There’s no magic bullet to creating team morale, but approaching it through a variety of ways can help strengthen bonds. T

First of all, leaders need to create a safe structure and environment that breeds a desirable culture of high employee morale. This takes a good deal of trust. Managers must set the structure and the work environment while trusting the individual worker to complete their tasks.

“[Communication] and shared identity within a team can mediate the effects of physical separation,” said Zara Abrams in an article for the American Psychological Association. She suggests one way to improve team communication and raise morale is by encouraging transparency. When teammates know they can be honest about their feelings, what’s happening in their life, their wins and their mistakes, they feel safer, more secure and cared for in the workplace. This, in turn, builds trust among the team. It’s important to be each other’s biggest fan, encourage one another and motivate each other every step of the way.

Flexibility is another key to building morale in the workplace.

Covid has given companies a great opportunity to be flexible for all the parents who now have to both home school and get their work done. Understanding, appreciating and accepting these challenges goes a long way in building loyalty with employees,

Other ways to build morale include team activities, acknowledging accomplishments, welcoming new ideas and encouraging fun.

Here are a few tips:

  • Team events, such as virtual happy hours
  • Team building activities
  • New learning and growth opportunities
  • Daily Huddles within different departments
  • Show and Tell: We did this as a staff and had a blast learning cool hobbies, history and passions about each other.
  • Poker-so fun!
  • Cooking happy hours (we are doing a taco cooking event this week)
  • Murder Mystery-also a blast!

With some creativity and a little planning your WFH team can connect in new ways and build a high performing sustainable morale.

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