Has Serverless Computing Been Moved to the Back-burner?

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serverless computing

Last year serverless computing was in full swing, a skyrocketing success with a 667% growth rate in Q4 according to the “State of the Cloud 2018” report. Not that it’s no longer a success, but that growth rate has severely dropped and we’re only a little more than half way through 2019.

Almost exactly a year ago,Cloud Foundry released research stating 46% of surveyed companies were using serverless computing, and 35% were evaluating with the intent to go serverless. A recent 2019 survey by Tech Pro Research shows those numbers changing to 47% using serverless computing, 9% planning to switch within six months, 12% thinking about it in the future, and 26% with absolutely no plan to switch.

While that’s a lot of percentages to take in at all at once, it’s compelling to note that people are no longer as willing (or pumped up) to move their data to the cloud! What happened?

There are well-known benefits to diving head-first into the world of serverless computing, but obviously there are drawbacks that seem to have IT leaders hesitant to commit.

Security Concerns

At the top of the concern list is security. And while the media hypes up security red flags on a daily basis. Is it a valid concern?

The idea that all your information is stored far away in some
distant data center but also accessible with the touch of a button may feel unsafe to some. Simply put, if it’s easily accessible to you then it can also be accessible to theft online.

Cost and Application

Another possible head-to-the-back-burner reason is cost and uncertainty on how to effectively apply the technology.

Cloud services are expected to top $411 billion by 2020 so those who worry about cost are not alone, however the total cost savings tend to outweigh the framework and setup of serverless computing. No more paying for idling servers, no new equipment due to growth, less maintenance due
to not managing the servers themselves, better traffic flow, and quicker ROI. The flexibility is endless.

Going serverless has its challenges sure, and it may be tailing behind what people’s expected outcomes this year, but it has untapped potential for companies hesitant to take on the challenge.

If you’re at all hesitant but curious on how you would benefit from going serverless, EnhancedTECH can walk you through the process, price, application, and security. Contact us at [email protected] or call us at 714-970-9330.

–Emmy Seigler

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