Hackers Using Ransomware to Target Medical Industry

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Hackers Using Ransomware

Hackers Using Ransomware to Target Medical Industry

The threat of Ransomware grows daily for today’s business owners. Risking your company’s data without secure protection is a losing bet. But many folks still want to cover their ears and pretend this isn’t a real conversation in the SMB realm.

The media portrays Ransomware as a surreal (almost spy-like) cyber crime hitting large enterprise, governments and global business. But what if Ransomware was a bigger threat to SMB’s then we realize-simply because the process of trying to recover the encrypted data could take your business out in the downtime.

If you need a good wake up call for the board members in your company holding back the budget to prevent cyber crime, then this video will start some great conversations.

Recently, on Monday August 18th, “CBSN On Assignment” did a targeted cyber crime special, visiting an upstate New York hospital, the Erie County Medical Center. Criminal hackers assaulted the level one trauma center’s computer systems for six weeks by encrypting all machines with a ransomware strain and demanding a debilitating ransom. Here is the article and video:


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