Hacker Tells Kids “It’s Santa” through Ring Camera

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Every little kid wants to hear they are on the “nice” list from Santa, but if Santa is communicating to your kids through a smart device, someone is ending up on the “naughty” list!

Recent video footage shows a hacker chatting with a young girl in her bedroom through her family’s Ring camera. The disturbing video has been shared on social media repeatedly reminding people of the need to secure their devices better.

The hacker tricks the young girl: “It’s Santa. It’s your best friend.”

Sadly, it’s not going away either. According to technology website Motherboard, online forums used by hackers are offering software making it easier to break into such devices.

Amazon, the owner of Ring, said the incident was not related to a security breach. Here is what they caution users of:

“Customer trust is important to us and we take the security of our devices seriously. While we are still investigating this issue and are taking appropriate steps to protect our devices based on our investigation, we are able to confirm this incident is in no way related to a breach or compromise of Ring’s security.

“Due to the fact that customers often use the same username and password for their various accounts and subscriptions, bad actors often re-use credentials stolen or leaked from one service on other services.

As a precaution, we highly and openly encourage all Ring users to enable two-factor authentication on their Ring account, add Shared Users (instead of sharing login credentials), use strong passwords, and regularly change their passwords. “

It’s always a good idea to change default admin passwords and use two-factor authentication whenever you get a new smart device.

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