Feeling Chaotic? Here Are 6 Ways Your Smartphone Can Help You Feel More Organized

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In a recent blog post, we discussed how technology and social media can increase feelings of loneliness. What we didn’t talk about, is how technology can also increase your productivity and help get you organized, which we could all use (if you think you can’t, think again).

Here are some ways you can use your smartphone to feel more organized in your life.

Setting Reminders

“Hey Siri, remind me to take a walk at 6 pm.” Or your phone may respond to “Hey google,” we don’t discriminate! Either way, your smartphone has a built-in personal assistant, take advantage of it! Remind yourself to exercise, read a book for twenty minutes a day, start your laundry or begin to prep dinner at a certain time. Our lives have slowly become unraveled after five months of quarantine, it’s time to re-structure.

Use Your Timer for Music or Podcasts

Let your mind wander and take a break from the world by cranking up some tunes or listening to your favorite show, but come back to reality by setting a timer after so many minutes. It’s easy to be distracted when you’re working from home and let time slip away from you. Setting your “sleep timer” for only 15 minutes ensures you don’t look back at the clock an hour later and realize you’ve passed your deadline.

Commit to a Routine

Whether it’s exercise or meditation, commit to a time-oriented routine every day. Apps like Headspace will walk you through a guided meditation, and there are so many free mini-workout apps to choose from (we couldn’t pick one) that range in a variety of times. Just allocate the right amount of time for you, and stick to it!

Split Your Day into Time Slots

This is similar to committing to a routine, but if you have each activity slotted for a particular time, and set a reminder for it, you’ll never forget! You won’t be wasting your days because they’re mapped out in advance, drastically reducing stress and eliminating the daily guessing game. Looking for an app to help? Android’s TimeTune will block days, weeks, or months, your choice, and iPhones Plan for iOS blocks time and assigns them to categories with locations (and syncs with other calendars and apps).   

Use your To-Do List

For things that don’t pop up on your daily time-slotted lists, those goals you have in mind, dreams you want to accomplish, keep a separate list. You can even distinguish between personal and professional. Most smartphones come with great to-do list apps, but you can always download the popular Remember the Milk or Todoist for both Android and iOS.

Limit Access to Certain Apps

Time-sucks, like social media applications can cause more harm than good throughout your day. If you’re easily distracted and want to work on using less screen-time, you can actually place restrictions on apps using the “Screen Time” tool in iOS, or “Digital Wellbeing” in the settings menu of your Android. While it’s easy to override, having restrictions in place remind you that you have more important things to do with your time, and should scroll over to your to-do-list.

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-Emmy Seigler

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