Email Impersonation on the Rise

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Email Impersonation

Email impersonation is on the rise.

Almost 1 in 6 users are now receiving email based impersonation attacks. This is bad news for businesses with click happy and eager employees.

Cybercriminals are working overtime, committed to creating a ruse so good, users believe the emails being sent are legitimate. The best way to get someone to click? Impersonate someone known to the sender like a boss, colleague or even the IT guy.

According to email security vendor Mimecast, email impersonation—also known as CEO Fraud or Business Email Compromise—has increased a whopping 80% over last quarter in their latest Email Security Risk Assessment Report.

Analyzing the data from the inspection of over 140M messages, Mimecast’s report is statistically revealing and gives credence to this new form of attack.

The massive increase in impersonation shows that cybercriminals have greater success with impersonation than without.

The numbers are staggering! Over 40,000 impersonated email messages made it into  users’ inboxes, clearly showing that creative criminal intention can get past even the best security solutions in place. In some cases, malware-less social engineering attacks use only a mix of impersonation and contextual details to fool users into wiring funds, giving up credentials, etc.

So, what is a business to do in the onslaught of impersonation attacks?

According to Mimecast, because the emails are getting into the Inbox, your employees must become your last line of defense.

Implementing effective Security Awareness Training is your best bet to ward off  potential threats, the methods used to fool them, and the proper response to both not become a victim and to inform the organization of a possible attack.

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