Electric bikes over electric cars? Predictions for the next decade of 2020s

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With the flawless unveiling of the newest addition to the Tesla family, the Cybertruck, you’d think EV sales are set to shoot through the roof in the next decade right?

Actually, if you watched the unveiling… you’re probably more surprised that Tesla has even received 250,000 pre-orders for the new electric truck.

But, we’re not judging, the future is here! And the future is electric.

Electric vehicle sales, according to the International Energy Agency’s 2019 Global EV outlook, are expected to top 12 million by the year 2025, which is a drastic increase considering at the end of 2018 there were only 5.1 million in circulation. However, there is another battery powered mode of transportation that is supposed to top that number.

The electric bicycle.

You might be surprised, but Deloitte released its ‘annual technology, media, and telecommunications predictions’ and “it expects 130 million e-bikes to be sold globally between 2020 and 2023. It also noted that the number of e-bikes on the roads will easily outpace other e-vehicles by the end of next year.”

This shift is thanks to “improvements in lithium-ion battery technology, pricing, power, as well a growing movement in cities to shift away from gasoline-powered cars to zero-emission vehicles,” meaning e-bike sales are expected to drastically increase.

It seems that increase is also thanks to a change in how people get from point A to point B, it’s expected that between 2019 to 2022 there will be a rise in those who bike to the office. This means fewer cars, less emissions, and overall less traffic (we can all behind that!).

The executive director of Deloitte’s Technology, Media, and Telecommunication center, Jeff Loucks, explains “e-bike sales in the US won’t be increasing evenly across the country.” It’s expected that more urban areas, especially cities, will see the biggest increase in this mode of transportation.

More and more Americans are flocking to urban life in cities, resulting in higher stress during commutes, Loucks says “it’s just going to put a huge load on the roadways and on public transportation systems if some of that isn’t taking place by bike.”

With electric bike sales jumping 91% from 2016 to 2017, and an additional 72% from 2017 to 2018 reaching $143.4 million, according to market research firm NPD Group, this is an upward trend.   

“E-bikes have some obvious advantages over EVs — they’re cheaper, easier to charge, and don’t require huge investments in supportive infrastructure — but there may come a time when electric cars start to outsell electric bikes.”

Until then, we fully support the right to ride to work with the wind in our hair! And at a far lesser price than driving a convertible car.

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