Department of Homeland Security Creates New Cyber Risk Center

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Department of Homeland Security

The Department of Homeland Security is stepping up their fight against cybercrime.

Today the DHS announced the development of the National Risk Management Center, a dedicated entity designed to help private industry defend and respond to cyberattacks from around the world. Their primary focus is to protect critical infrastructure that hackers target.

DHS Under Secretary Christopher Krebs told the Wall Street Journal that the National Risk Management Center was created to address growing threats to the nation’s infrastructure from foreign-based attacks, citing last year’s WannaCry ransomware attack as an example.

As threats escalate the DHS is trying to get ahead of potential vulnerabilities. As recently as March, the DHS warned that Russian hackers had been targeting electrical grids in the US for future attacks.

Banks, energy companies and other industries will be the main focus of the new center. If one bank is affected by a cyberattack, for example, the DHS would be able to gather information on that and then protect other banks from falling victim to the same effort. “It’s not about a single bank,” said Krebs. “It’s about a sector of banks and the function they have in society.”

DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen stated that, “An attack on a single tech company can rapidly spiral into a crisis affecting the financial sector, energy systems and health care,” Nielsen said.

Nielsen suggested that in some cases, victims of cyberattacks have turned to local police about hacks. The new national center can be much more helpful as a resource, Nielsen said.

“What we want to communicate today is that government is here to help you,” Christopher Krebs, a senior DHS official said Tuesday. “We are inextricably linked. Your risk is our risk.”

The center will work alongside various industries to identify and prioritize cyber-based risks. It will be operational by Wednesday and will be staffed by existing DHS employees.

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