DarkHound Security Services- A Different Approach to Cybersecurity

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Anaheim , California–August 2018

EnhancedTECH is pleased to announce that we are expanding our cybersecurity practice by launching “DarkHound Security Services”–a new dedicated cybersecurity consulting practice.

Due to growing concerns surrounding critical information and fueled by California’s recent push to add regulatory compliance requirements (AB-375), DarkHound Security Services (“DHS”) is a cybersecurity, risk management service specializing in security audits, in-depth network and application defense, and security training.

DHS will also offer a comprehensive set of cybersecurity assessment, implementation and monitoring services.

“At EnhancedTech we have developed and added critical security services in order to protect and proactively defend our client’s networks.  With the ongoing onslaught of cyber threats we have exclusively allocated resources towards DarkHound for the sole purpose of providing Security Services, “said Paul Wartenberg, Chief Security Officer of DHS.

A Different Approach

DHS provides a comprehensive approach to cybersecurity consulting services that will help protect clients from challenges and threats they face every day.

Combining over 30 years of experience, certified technical professionals and network security engineers, alongside security professionals with IT audit experience, DHS will help minimize cybersecurity risk and make sure you pass your IT compliance audit.

DHS’ comprehensive, independent assessments go well beyond simple automated vulnerability scanning, to provide the robust defense and in-depth strategic recommendations needed to address current and emerging threats.


  • Assess Vulnerabilities & Determine Compliance: We will evaluate your network and policies for weakness and assess whether your technical and privacy controls meet relevant compliance requirements.
  • Recommendations & Implementation: After assessment, we will discuss our findings with you and determine the proper course of action to shore up and mitigate potential future data breaches
  • Incident Response Plans: While doing all you can to minimize the consequences of a data loss, let our security expert’s help you build the right incident response plan and policies to deal with future data breaches or cyberattacks
  • Monitoring & Managed Security Services:  Reduce your risk, mitigate increasing threats and maintain compliance with our complete suite of information security management solutions and services, including continuous security monitoring, threat intelligence, intrusion management, and training.

Jim Ott, CTO of EnhancedTECH had this to say, “We are delighted to expand our security offerings with this dedicated business unit.”

To discuss your potential vulnerability and risk, or request a cybersecurity readiness consultation with DarkHound’s cybersecurity advisory group, please email us today at [email protected]

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