The Dark Web, Wonder Woman, and Protecting Your Password

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I am so over complicated passwords. How in the heck am I supposed to remember [email protected]#$%^ ?

Seriously, it makes my brain hurt just looking at it.

About ten years ago I came up with the name of my favorite Marvel hero and used it everywhere. Sure, I added some $%^&, but for the most part I could remember it or a version of it. I figured I was smarter than the bad guys. They couldn’t read my brain. I didn’t use my kid’s names or anything obvious. I thought I was so sneaky. I had a paper copy hidden away and covered my electronic trail.

Except within a few years, all three of my kids knew the password-even the little one. My Jason Bourne approach wasn’t so strictly secure.

I’m guessing your password methods don’t meet CIA rigorous standards either.

Now folks…I write about cybersecurity for a LIVING. I know this stuff happens. But EVEN then, it didn’t cause a radical shift in my behavior until it hit close to home.

The hard part of cyber security and password protection is our own human way of seeking the least painful route (i.e….easy to remember passwords). When my own “personal” website got hacked (don’t worry, not this site) last year, I knew it was time to reassess security.

These days I am fully aware that this doesn’t just happen to “other people.” I am the “other people” and getting exploited hurt.  It was an expensive and painful lesson.

Now I am much more cognizant of password protection, firewalls and anti-virus. I strictly follow the rules of basic password security: I don’t write them down, I employ a password manager, use two-factor authentication whenever possible, and don’t use anything that’s easily guessable. And I enrolled in personal identity and credit monitoring, so I know when there’s activity on my personal credentials that requires attention.

There are lots of other tools we use at EnhancedTECH to ensure the security of our business network AND our customers business networks., but I now understand the importance of MY ROLE in cybersecurity – both for my employer and my personal credentials.

At EnhancedTECH our mission is to help businesses and individuals to secure their assets and their identities, and part of my job is to provide tools to educate our customers about the benefits of a great cyber-security solution, Dark Web monitoring and personal identity and credit monitoring.

I think even Wonder Woman would get excited about that!

If you need assistance with a security solution please give us a call at 714-970-9330 or contact us at [email protected]

Source Image: https://pixabay.com/photos/wonder-woman-superhero-strong-1016324/

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