Cloud Services are Changing the Game for Dangerous Jobs

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dangerous jobs

Using drones and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to do dangerous jobs and save money is the way of the future. At EnhancedTECH, we want to ensure that you can realize cost savings and protect your business—even if you don’t plan on using drones.

eSmart Systems began developing Connected Drone out of a strong conviction that drones combined with cloud intelligence could bring a positive disruptive change to the power industry. The goal of eSmart Systems’ Connected Drone is to support monitoring power grid infrastructure instead of the currently expensive, risky, and extremely time-consuming activities performed by ground crews and helicopters .eSmart Systems uses Azure’s cloud capabilities to analyze multiple data feeds streamed from the drones providing real-time and useful analysis. Using cloud services, eSmart Systems can analyze multiple data feeds streamed from their drones.

Not in the drone business? Azure can support your industry as well. Never before has a cloud services provider been able to help your business meet its goals like Azure.

Contact us at 714-970-9330 or at [email protected] for more information on what Microsoft Azure can do for your business.

Samantha Keller

Director of Marketing and PR at EnhancedTECH
Samantha Keller (AKA Sam) is a published author, tech-blogger, event-planner and mother of three fabulous humans. Samantha has worked in the IT field for the last fifteen years, intertwining a freelance writing career along with technology sales, events and marketing. She began working for EnhancedTECH ten years ago after earning her Bachelor’s degree from UCLA and attending Fuller Seminary. She is a lover of kickboxing, extra-strong coffee, and Wolfpack football.Her regular blog columns feature upcoming tech trends, cybersecurity tips, and practical solutions geared towards enhancing your business through technology.
Samantha Keller
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