Cyber Security Assault Spreading Across Globe

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It’s splashed across the morning news–another world-wide cyber security attack. This large-scale ransomware assault has already inundated England, Ukraine, India, the Netherlands, Spain, and Denmark…with more countries rapidly falling like dominoes.


Initially believed to be a new form of Petya ransomware, researchers have discovered it is an entirely new strain of ransomware now called “NotPetya”.  The attack hit shipping giant, Maersk, as well as the radiation monitoring systems at the site of the Chernobyl disaster. Other industries impacted in the Ukraine, include power grid companies, banks, the postal service, media outlets, and cell providers. 

Cyber-security analysts say the attack may be functioning like the recent WannaCry attacks that wreaked havoc last month. However, they warn this attack may have a larger impact than WannaCry. Instead of only locking certain files, Petya will lock the entire disk, potentially rendering it useless.

Currently, it is unclear where the attack originated or how it has spread to other countries outside Ukraine. Some researchers have speculated the attack started with a phishing campaign containing the updated version of Petya.

Be Proactive

Take the precautionary steps of keeping your Windows updated and consider taking a multi-layered approach to protecting your network. The best defense is always a good offensive plan.

What to do if you get hit?

As with any strain of ransomware, it’s important to know what to do in the event of an infection. To learn more about ransomware and what you can to do avoid losing your data, give EnhancedTECH a call at 714-970-9330. Along with a complimentary network security consultation, we offer cyber-security training for your staff. With social engineering on the rise—your weakest link might not be your network, but instead, your employees.


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