Cybersecurity Not a Priority for Majority of Employees When Traveling

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Look around any airport and you will find thousands of workers tapping away on their laptop–usually on free public WiFi. New research says that a whopping 77% of workers tap into free public WiFi when traveling and some 63% access their work emails and files.

The statistics are startling to security experts and a wake up call to business owners according to a new study by threat management company Observe IT. The survey included more than 1,000 U.S. employees ages 18 – 65+ who have traveled with corporate devices in the past year.

“Not only does this research confirm that cybersecurity isn’t top of mind while employees are traveling, but it also highlights a major gap in security awareness training around mitigating the threats posed by remote work,” said ObserveIT CEO Mike McKee.

Combined with data from the Ponemon Institute, which reports that 64 percent of all insider threat incidents in the last year were caused by negligent employees, the implications of employee’s lax behavior is a major headache to IT departments.

While it’s easy to think that employees should just “know better,” organizations that don’t have clear and frequently reinforced digital security policies shoulder much of the blame. Forty-nine percent of those surveyed report being unaware of an organization-wide cybersecurity policy related to travel.

Another issue is that workers see logging into  dual authentication or using a VPN as an inconvenience.

“While technology has enabled people to be productive regardless of location, it’s also creating new ways for hackers to infiltrate otherwise secure systems,” says McKee. “Organiztions can’t just focus on what’s happening within their four walls. Rather, they need to take a holistic approach that puts security first, wherever work is getting done.”

That includes basic precautions like avoiding public WiFi and using a Virtual Private Network (VPN). Only 17 percent of respondents reported consistently using a VPN outside the office.

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