Customer Spotlight: Bob Naughton

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A little customer appreciation goes a long way, and EnhancedTECH has been extremely fortunate to provide service for Bob Naughton at Benefits Exchange Alliance in Lake Forest CA. Because of this, we want to present Bob and his company as our first ever, ‘Customer Spotlight.’

In spite of his obvious rakish good looks and overwhelming charm, Bob has worked in the Payroll, HR and Benefits industry for over 30 years. He explains, “I spent 16 of my 29 years with the Payroll & HR Provider partnering and recommending BXA Healthcare Brokers, who I would later join as a broker.” We’re lucky he did!

Benefits Exchange Alliance (BXA) is an employee benefits broker and health insurance broker that has revolutionized the industry by “providing a completely transparent quoting engine, similar to how Kayak or Expedia is used for travel.” According to Bob, the proprietary quoting technology “presents all of a company’s benefit options, in minutes or hours instead of weeks or months, and allows the owners, officers and/or HR management to strategize and forecast their benefits on all of the Carriers, on-line together with our support.”

We asked Bob what else makes BXA unique in its industry, he says “we give up to 30% of our commissions, back into the infrastructure of our clients.” Most Brokers work far less, but make as much or more than HR managers who put in 50+ hours a day, 50 weeks a year. Benefits Exchange changes that by “right-sizing” our commissions and adding more services to keep our clients growing, compliant and successful.”

To help their clients navigate the current pandemic Bob says they are “staying close… virtually.” BXA’s goal is to ease the strain that COVID-19 has placed on businesses and employees. Their “In-house HR Consulting Group provides information, checklist, processes, and advice on staying compliant in a completely new work environment.  In addition, the Director of the SBA during the Bush Administration, Hector Barreto, is part of the BXA family and has been a resource to our clients, including Webinars on our Government financial support legislation.”

Bob’s best advice while seeking new healthcare options is, “Do not settle! I hear companies say they do not like their healthcare rates but observe that they do not regularly evaluate with a critical eye, the people that have the biggest impact on those rates, their brokers.  Everyone has to do more today, and healthcare brokers should be no different.  It is great to have long-lasting relationships, but businesses should make it a regular process to evaluate the services, savings, and support their broker provides to protect their companies and their employees.”

When not spending time with his Daughter (VP at Marina High School), Son (Lawyer and Manager, Creative Affairs with A+E Studios in Hollywood), or two beautiful grandsons, Bob is hard at work changing the benefits insurance industry one client at a time.

He threw EnhancedTECH some kudos as well, “the ability to have knowledgeable and congenial support during our busy day is critical.  The team at EnhancedTECH is always there and ready to step in and make sure we are back on task as quickly as possible.  It’s great knowing that they will go above and beyond to help with all things technology-based.”   

Thank you Bob!

The EnhancedTECH team.

If you need assistance with Managed IT Services or Security Services give EnhancedTECH a call at 714-970-9330 or contact us at [email protected]

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