Why You Need Employee Internet Monitoring Software for Your Remote Workforce

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The web provides many options, including increasing flexibility in the way companies and employees operate. However, the internet also presents a lot of extra exposure to risks that previously didn’t exist. When used incorrectly, there is an abundance of distractions available, which can reduce a company’s productivity.

As more and more employees are now working remotely, it’s difficult to keep track of how they are filling their hours. Without monitoring devices during work hours, it is almost impossible to know what employees are actually doing at home. They could be whiling away half of the workweek on social media, laundry, or worse, they could be committing internal sabotage or stealing data.

Fortunately, employee internet monitoring software helps to easily put an end to many of these concerns and issues. Those that aren’t fixed automatically will then be flagged to management as issues that require focus.

How does it work?

Using cutting-edge AI-driven systems, our screen monitoring solution not only records your employee’s screens, but it can also trigger alerts and notify you of anything that could represent a risk to your company.

By knowing exactly how people are working, the software can then provide not only reports and recordings, but also sends alerts for problems and raises possible concerns before they become serious.

It is not about spying on staff, but about protecting the business and streamlining processes. While employee monitoring software certainly does provide added security, it also has a lot of additional benefits.

How to set up employee monitoring software

Give EnhancedTECH a call and we will install Veriato, a leading screen monitoring software. You can then monitor your remote employees and log in to the software to get reports, screenshots, and data about your employee’s performance.  While some companies don’t want any involvement unless there is an actual issue, others prefer to be actively involved and will monitor their employee’s day to day activities. 

Remote employee monitoring software will enable you to set up a global workforce.  You can hire employees wherever there is talent, potentially reduce employee overhead, and improve productivity.

Give EnhancedTECH a call at 714-970-9330 or contact us at [email protected] to learn more.   

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