Is Your Business Ready for Gen Z?

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Gen Z

A new generation of employees is about to enter the workforce-those born between 1996 and 2010. And this Generation Z workforce is unlike any that has come before it. This workforce grew up on technology. Many had cell phones at the ripe old age of 7 and most learned basic coding and PowerPoint in kindergarten. Is your company ready for this tech savvy group? Is your business an engaging place they would even want to work for?

Attracting the Gen Zers may require getting into their heads and understanding what drives them. As I mentioned before, these kids grew up on media and tech, if your business still touts outdated legacy equipment, Gen Zers will struggle in this environment. Review the areas where your company’s tech is archaic and consider ways you can improve. Acquiring new hardware might be a good start, but you also might need to take it a step further and invite a an IT expert to conduct an audit and make recommendations.

Another area to ponder is your company culture and workspace. Is your work floor a den of isolated cubicles and offices? Gen Zers, not unlike millennials, are attracted to vibrant, collaborative spaces—bright colors, open workspaces, and natural light.  But unlike millennials, Gen Zers tend to self-identify as more resilient and competitive. They have a “self-made” attitude and appreciate quiet space where they can get work done. While it’s good to incorporate large open spaces, consider adding small study/work spaces to allow for times of focus away from the crowd.

With a few changes your business will be ready to attract and make the most of a new generation of employees who can teach us all a thing or two about technology.

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