Cleverkey Consulting shines spotlight on small business during the pandemic

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Clever Key

Albert Lee, owner of Cleverkey Consulting, didn’t let the pandemic dampen his spirits- instead he used the down-time from COVID as a launching pad to invest in small businesses and support them during this difficult season. In light of that, Lee produced a series of business spotlight videos interviewing local companies to promote their services and products.

Lee shared that it all started with a simple question he asked himself, “How can I help small business owners who are struggling right now due to the economic impact of the lockdown?  And that question, he said, turned into the interview idea and then a lot of Googling “how to shoot videos” and buying of cameras and lighting equipment online.

Lee, who is a strong advocate for SMB’s smiled wide, “This project took on a life of its own.”

Albert Lee knows about developing business infrastructure. As a southern California native, with degrees in finance and accounting from Loyola Marymount University and an MBA from USC, he’s been in consulting since 2006 and opened his own firm Clever Key Consulting Group in 2017. 

Cleverkey helps businesses in all industries ranging from entrepreneurs to Fortune 1000.  Their typical projects focus on accounting and finance, but they also provide solutions in human resources, operations and business strategy. After working for a consulting firm for six years, Lee decided to go on his own, freelancing for companies like Loan Depot and Snapchat. After helping take Snapchat public in 2017, Lee decided to build his own firm with additional consultants to help more businesses.  Children’s Hospital LA and Rippling, are some of his larger enterprise clients.

I asked Lee what common financial or organizational challenge he sees business’s deal with most frequently. Lee replied, “The reason why consultants exist is because companies don’t have the appropriate internal resources to get something done.  For most of our clients, it usually results from a breakdown in setting up the right infrastructure (personnel and systems) to handle growth; and this could branch out into many sub-topics.

We are unique in that we put an equal amount of care towards our staff as we do our clients.  We are completely transparent with all of our associates and don’t treat them as mercenaries.  We pay them well and provide health benefits that greatly exceed what our competitors provide.  We believe the results lead to better consultants performing at high levels for our clients.

Lee is passionate about not having a cookie-cutter business formula. “Every business is different so it’s difficult to say what companies should do. What my firm does is analyze a company’s entire financial landscape and develope/implement specific plans to achieve financial goals.  Whether it’s generating more revenue, cost cutting, or both, we believe every client deserves a customized plan that works for them.”

“Most people think consultants are really expensive, and they can be, if not used effectively.  But good consultants help businesses thrive by providing sound guidance and different perspectives to CEOs etc. that they may not have on their own.  Consultants are actually powerful allies because they have so much experience working in different disciplines for many companies across different industries.  This gives them a knowledge advantage they can share with whomever engages them.”

This month Lee is releasing another engaging customer spotlight video on You Tube and social media, featuring Paul Wartenberg from EnhancedTECH. We are thrilled to be a part of Cleverkey’s spotlight on business and appreciate all the time, effort and energy Albert Lee had invested in our local business community.

If you are interested in reaching out to Cleverkey contact them at [email protected]cleverkeyconsulting.com or call at (949) 393-2839.


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